French Dropshipping Agents in Asia


For E-merchants

Professionals of Dropshipping or traditional E-merchants, we accompany you in the phases of sourcing, factory negotiation and logistical support for shipment directly to Asia in order to grow your business and set you apart from the competition.

Located between France, Lithuania and Asia, we are the first office of French-speaking procurement agents to provide such a wide range of services to our clients.

✔️ Do you make more than 20 to 30 sales a day at a minimum?
✔️ Do you want to stand out from the competition with advanced branding on a product negotiated directly in the factory?
✔️ Do you want to automate your shipments and deliver to your customers much faster while increasing your margins?

Our French-speaking agent service will take you to the next level by offering you customized support.

Simplified transactions

We are a network of French agents, based in Europe and Asia to cover several time zones and gain responsiveness with our customers and suppliers. All exchanges with our customers are in French to facilitate communication.

The use of French makes it much easier to understand your expectations regarding products, quality criteria, compliance with standards or even during the sometimes complex stages of brand development, for example.

As our company is hosted in Lithuania (Europe). You benefits from European guarantees in terms of banking security as well as payments and invoicing in Euros for more simplicity and speed.
Transfer fees are also much more advantageous.

Increased profitability

Our knowledge of the Chinese production pole and the extent of our local network allows us to identify the best suppliers to effectively negotiate rates on your behalf directly at the factory during the sourcing phase.

Thanks to an order processing automation plug-in, we systematically dispatch your parcels within 24 hours and our delivery times are on average 4 to 8 working days with real tracking and handling of the last few kilometres by Colissimo or Private Parcel.

The efficiency of our order processing procedures and the care taken in the preparation of packages significantly improves the customer experience in your shops and significantly reduces your after-sales service problems and the rate of reimbursement, which hurts your profitability.

Optimal quality

Unlike most Chinese agents, we understand culturally the level of quality you and your customers expect from your products. Our sourcing is therefore based exclusively on European or American quality expectations.

Our expertise and experience also allows us to inspect the standards or certificates affixed to a product and their actual reality in order to avoid unpleasant surprises that could cost you dearly in the event of an inspection, or worse, an accident.

If it does not exist on your product, we have the possibility in the majority of the cases to carry out a CE standard in order to ensure you a full safety of setting on the French or European market of the articles on sale on your shop.


Stand out from the competition and multiply your profitability by creating your own brand, it's simpler and cheaper than you might imagine!

We accompany you from A to Z in Branding (brand building) to transform any ordinary product into a totally unique item thanks to the extensive personalisation of the aspects of the product itself and its redesigned packaging adapted to your target clientele.

Enhance the value of your product and the customer experience upon receipt of the package by opting for our additional personalization options such as notices translated into the language of the country of sale, discount coupons or stickers with your online store name and logo on the outer envelope of the package.

The company

6000 m² storage warehouse based in NINGBO (China) with a team of many experienced order pickers and logisticians.

Our team of agents is located between France and Asia and our head office is based in Vilnius, Lithuania to keep a European inking.

Offres Multi-services : Drop Shipping – EXW - logistical support – Marketplaces – Branding & Accompagnement E-commerce global.



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